Tracy and Don welcome you to our web site. In here you will find information on the services we have to offer to help your child.

We treat the specific problems that are preventing your child from functioning at their highest level! We are dedicated to helping children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Sensory Integration Disorder, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, ADD/HD, Down Syndrome and other Neurological, Emotional and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

The Dakota Center's Mission

The Dakota Center is a Therapy Center. We listen to families and what you say your child needs.  We will complete a thorough evaluation, but our treatment plan includes your input.  At The Dakota Center, you will be listened to and your child will have a therapy plan for his/her individual needs.

Our Focus

Our Treatment Focus is on Your Child, what Your Child needs.  We focus on the symptoms causing the concerns, not the diagnosis.  At The Dakota Center your child does not need a diagnosis, only your desire for progress.

The Dakota Center provides help to children, ages 2-21.   We offer individualized programs for each child's specific needs in the areas of social, emotional, behavioral, sensory and relationship development delays..  The Dakota Center will evaluate your child's needs and create a program specific for them. 

Our Methods

At The Dakota Center we offer individual sessions and therapy programs. We utilize two evidence based programs; the Developmental Program and The Functional Integration Program to increase the abilities of your child. Both of these programs are a combination of several individual programs that target specific developmental delays. Please click on the appropriate tabs to learn about each of these programs.  

 Our Philosophy

The Dakota Center is dedicated to helping children on the Autism Spectrum, children with Sensory Integration Disorder, ADD/HD, Down Syndrome and children who are in need of help with social relationship abilities.  The Dakota Center strives to build relationships, develop social thinking and enhance communication and interaction between the child and their world. We work to resolve the underlining problems that cause inappropriate behavior, poor social abilities and poor academic progress. 

The Dakota Center knows that children with delays behave, react, learn, socialize and understand their world differently and most often inappropriately because of underlining problems specific to them. These underlining problems are often; lack of social understanding, sensory regulation problems, cognative & relationship development problems, body & spatial awareness problems just to mention a few. At The Dakota Center we focus on resolving the underlining problems, not trying to make them behave or act as if they didn't have the problems.

We are parents of a child with autism, sensory issues and developmental delays.  As parents of a special needs child, we have shared many of your experiences,our child has been misunderstood by other professionals, schools and peers. We can provide the balance of sharing your parental concerns, knowing that you will be listened to, you will be UNDERSTOOD and we can help you and your child resolve many of the concerns.

Call us today for a free consultation. We look forward to meeting you and helping your child !

You are encouraged to contact us either by phone @ 843-340-0764 or send us an email with any questions or to schedule a consultation at:thedakotacenter@msn.com

The Dakota Center
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina